Dead Horse work

We provided grip and electric for this Kittsona spot.

We provided grip and support along with building the set piece for H2M

We provided Grip and Electric for Hair Success

We provided a little G&E for the ND Tourism shoot this Fall.   Odney Advertising

We provided a little G&E for the Thompson Larson Funeral Home shoot this Spring.   Odney Advertising

We provided a little G&E for some MSUM, Go Dragons, shoot this Summer.   Sundog

Last fall, we had the opportunity to supply grip and electric and gaff for this short western shot in the scenic Badlands of North Dakota. Produced and staring Daniel Bielinski

Just For Fun

To challenge ourselves and to stay sharp when we are not working for a client, we experiment with some silly ideas that we have always wanted to try. Each review is created in about 4 hours. Some of them are a little rough but we had a lot of fun making them. We figure if we had fun making them, you will have fun watching them. Enjoy.

Andre the Giant Review

The Mummy (2017) Review

I Kill Giants Review

Pacific Rim Uprising Review

The Shape of Water Review

Three Billboards Review

The Commuter Review