Dead Horse about

Dead Horse Productions, LLC
is owned by Jason Bedard and Eric Peterson.


Jason and Eric met while attending the MSUM film program.  They hit it off right away with their wild student ambitions.  They worked with each other on a small independent feature as the assistant cinematographer and the assistant director.  They thought they had made it to the big time… as it turned out, they didn’t.  This was their first real world lesson.  They learned that people have to work hard and earn what they get.  It knocked the stars right out of their eyes.  

They continued to build their friendship over the next 10 years, working on various projects and just being buddies.  It always came down to wishful thinking and dreaming big.  Finally, they got tired of beating the "Dead Horse" of their dreams and founded Dead Horse Productions, LLC. 

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Jason was raised in Hillsboro, ND.  After graduating, he moved to Grand Forks and attended the University of North Dakota for Mathematics.  After a couple of years, he realized that math was not his true calling and seeked adventure elsewhere.

After moving to Fargo, he saw a news report about the passing of Ted Larson.  Ted started a Film Studies program at Moorhead State University, now Minnesota State University - Moorhead.  Jason enrolled in 2001 and graduated in the spring of 2004.  In 2006, he quit his full time job, at the dismay of his mother, and has been in the freelance world ever since.

Jason has worked on all types of projects, ranging from local television ads to national spots and feature films.  

Jason has a passion for hard work and quality.  

Eric grew up in a small town in Minnesota and ever since he was kid, he's had an enthusiastic passion for film and video production.  He started by checking out film making documentaries at his local library which fed his knack for creativity.   He soon started making short films as a teenager in his backyard, trying to recreate his favorite movie moments.

This passion drove him to attend college at MSUM to acquire a film production degree to push his dream forward.