Dead Horse Productions is the largest grip and electric rental company in North Dakota and can provide you with all the grip and electric support that you need for any type of video or film production. It can be an epic showdown between two gunslingers or it can be an up close personal look at how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Dead Horse Productions has the equipment and the knowledge to handle any message that your brand needs to say to reach your market.


Dead Horse Productions will assist you once the camera has stopped rolling. At Dead Horse Productions, we can provide you with everything post related starting with cutting and splicing to animation.  We can assist you in:

  • Editing raw video footage
  • Arrange stills for a video presentation
  • Animation


Dead Horse Productions has a full service option for small businesses. We can provide you with your video marketing needs from concept to completion. Call us today to find out how we can help get your brand and value proposition, heard and shown, by your target market.


Dead Horse Productions also offers grip and electric services separately if you have brought your own equipment.  We can also help you find what you need for resources if you are new in town.  We are your connection to the Fargo/Moorhead freelance crews.